Door Access


  • Access Control and Time Attendance models provide a complete solution for both door access control and employees’ time attendance recording.
  • Target market: small and medium offices, warehouses, retails outlets, training centers, schools, institutes etc.


  • Complete solution for both Time Attendance and Access Control
  • Stylish and robust design
  • Easy installation (wall mounted design, flexible support stand, direct to door lock system, or with AdapTec AC)
  • Various verification methods – fingerprints, passwords and RFID/HID/MIFARE cards
  • Large users capacity and transaction storage
  • Integrated useful time attendance features – work codes, receipts printing, extended users ID, short message display.
  • Integrated useful access control features – antipassback, door sensor, alarm output, tamper switch, duress option, master-slave concept.

Useful Features of Time Attendance Models

Work Codes

  • Work codes predefined by the administrator can be used to define reason for unusual clocking (for example: emergency leave – code 15, going to meet client – code 23 etc)
  • Easy access to software by administrator or authorized person (for example to predefine the work codes, print report etc.)

Extended User ID

  • Have extended user ID that range from 5-digit to 9-digit depending on model (the longer user ID allows representation of a wider range of information (for example departments, floors, divisions, dates of enrolment etc.)

Printing Receipt

  • Can print receipt of transaction by connecting to a printer with serial port (for example the terminal can be set to print a receipt after each user verification)
  • The information printed on the receipt includes user ID, date and time verified and work code.
  • The printing can be done in 4 different types of format

Short Message Display

  • Allows to publish short messages on the screen
    Public message – displayed to all users
    Personal message – displayed to selected users only
  • The massage can be set for a certain time period and after the predefined date, the message will be automatically deleted.
  • Useful to pass information to all employee during access and verification (e.g., “Replacement Holiday on Monday”, “Happy birthday to Allan” etc.)

Useful Features for Access Control Models

Door Sensor

  • In case the door is opened without verification or force opened, the terminal triggers alarm system.
  • If the door is not closed for certain predefined time, the terminal will alert the user and trigger alarm if the user ignores the alert (to set up this function, a door sensor and connection to alarm system are required)

Tamper Switch

  • Terminal will trigger alarm system through release of tamper switch in case an unauthorized person tries to dismantle or tamper it

Duress option

  • User is authorized to trigger alarm during emergency
  • Do not require a special password, only a duress finger or password
  • The duress finger or password
    Enrolled during registration
    To be used only in emergency cases to trigger alarm system

Alarm output

  • 2 types of signals, NO (normally open) and NC (normally closed)
  • Must be connected to alarm system