Why Fingertec?

Fingertec is a renown brand for fingerprint, facial recognition and RFID technology in the time attendance and door access system industry. Fingertec is available in over 150 countries, installed in ten thousands of sites and is being used by millions around the clock. With Fingertec’s extensive line of hardware and software products, Fingertec is the complete solution for your needs.

FingerTec products are priced competitively considering the various values accompanying the brand and its line of products.

Product Features
FingerTec products are equipped with basic to advance hardware features complete with a powerful time attendance and door access software suitable for almost all kinds of requirements. Regular upgrades and updates are provided without any charge via FingerTec website(s).

Product Quality
FingerTec provides quality components for their products to ensure robustness over time. QC is performed with great care before delivery of the product is made to clients.

Product User Guide
FingerTec offers well-written user manuals and wellproduced video guides for all its different models to ease its user support. Online downloads, viewing of manuals and video guide are available for all customers.

Product User-friendliness
FingerTec emphasizes on making things easy and customer support. FingerTec mottos, Hi-tech Human Touch and One finger solves it all deliver the values that we uphold. FingerTec strives to provide customers with ease of use and sufficient support to ensure pleasurable customer experience.

Product Localization 
FingerTec offers localized languages for hardware and software. Currently FingerTec products have 15 languages for its software, and over 20 languages for its hardware. The localization is an important aspect as we deal with various customers who speak different languages

Product Software
FingerTec bundles TCMS V2 with all its products. TCMS V2 is a high quality powerful software that accommodates almost all user requirements. FingerTec offers online upgrades as well as the latest version of installation download at no extra cost. The software is expanding from a Windows application to a Web version, which will be released in 2011.

Product System Development Kit (SDK)
FingerTec Biobridge SDK is provided without any extra charge and it is programmed for easy integration. The SDK comes with sample of various programming languages for all specialists. It is a suitable for solution provider to develop total biometric solutions.

Data Retrieval without using the SDK
A simple and easy application named as Data Processor is provided free of charge to manage all FingerTec® terminals for user and transaction log management. Best for software developers or system integrator.

Product Warranty
FingerTec is confident of its product quality and therefore, is pleased to offer a 24-month warranty for end users.

Product Accessory
FingerTec offers options for specially designed accessories for FingerTec products, i.e. AdapTec, enclosures, metal casings, PoE, etc. to ease usage and installation

Business Focus
System-based. FingerTec focuses on doing its business according to a well-organized system and this enables the company to provide clients with a better premium for an improved profit margin

Product design, packaging, marketing materials, website contents, etc. provide an uplifted image of the FingerTec® brand.